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5 characteristic of or relating to the indigenous inhabitants of a country or area. the native art of the New Guinea Highlands. 6 of chemical elements, esp. metals found naturally in the elemental form. 7 unadulterated by civilization, artifice, or adornment; natural. Native, Invasive, and Other Plant-Related Definitions.A plant that is a part of the balance of nature that has developed over hundreds or thousands of years in a particular region or ecosystem. Note: The word native should always be used with a geographic qualifier that is, native to New England [for example]. The Natives Land Act, 1913 was an Act of the Parliament of South Africa that was aimed at regulating the acquisition of land. Natives Land Act, 1913 Parliament of South Africa Long title Act to make further provision as to the purchase and leasing of Land by Natives and other Persons in the several parts of the Union and for other purposes in connection with the ownership and occupation of Land by Natives.

The Natives’ Land Act of 1913 defined less than one-tenth of South Africa as black “reserves” and prohibited any purchase or lease of land by blacks outside the reserves. The law also restricted the terms of tenure under which blacks could live on white-owned farms. Indian country includes: 1. All land within the limits of an Indian reservation under the jurisdiction of the United States government; 2. All dependent Indian communities, such as the New Mexico Pueblos; and. 3. All Indian allotments still in trust, whether they are located within reservations or not. Definition of native. a person who was born in a particular place; an indigenous person. belonging to one by birth; "my native land"; "one''s native language". being such by origin; "the native North American sugar maple"; "many native artists studied abroad". The history of White colonial land dispossession did not begin with the passing of the Native Land Act in 1913, it spans back to the expansion of Dutch colonial settlements in the Cape. Land and livestock dispossession resulted in wars between the Khoikhoi, San, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and a number of other ethnic groups against the colonial settlers. At last we reached a large and handsome building of bamboos, and were by signs told to enter it, the natives opening a lane for us through which to pass; on entering without ceremony, we threw our exhausted frames upon the mats that covered the floor.

native 1. Possessed at birth:2. Forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual:3. Of, from, or within a country's own territory:4. Existing, born, or produced in a land or region:5. In a primitive state; not domesticated or cultivated; produced by nature. Definition of land.1 a: the solid part of the surface of the earth; also: a corresponding part of a celestial body such as the moon b.: ground or soil of a specified situation, nature, or quality. dry land. This video, The Cultural Conservancy—30 years of indigenous revitalization, is a celebration of the last 3 decades of our work, highlighting many of our partners and allies, to whom we are deeply grateful for their collaboration.Credits and links to partners.

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